6 Action Camera Hacks You Must Try On A Travel Trip

By Suuumati

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action camera hacks on trip

Travelling is an experience you get to engage in only some days. Once you get the opportunity to travel to romantic and cultural places in the world, you will want everything to be unique and perfect. You’d want the memories to last, and if they cannot last, you want perfect photographs to keep them alive. Whether exploring exotic architecture or capturing a flowing lake in a natural environment, every one of those moments must be captured under its true essence. 

You’d want to reflect on a memorable time and feel like you’re experiencing everything all over again. For that to happen, there are specific tips and techniques to ensure that you capture a moment beautifully and aesthetically. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make your clicks turn out to be masterpieces. You can make your photography appear as if they come from a 1080p HD video camera. This article will introduce you to action camera tips and tricks every traveller must try.

Play with angles

Action cameras tend to have a wide-angle lens, which is perfect for taking landscape pictures. There are many ways to use this camera lens to your advantage. Firstly, try various angles, sides, and shots. Play with the angles to the fullest and take advantage of the wide-angle lenses. You can try a variety of angle positions and see which side comes out the way you envisioned your photography to turn out. Get creative and try out every angle you can. Even mounting your action camera to the end of a pole will help you achieve the “drone shot.”

Underwater photography 

If you’re visiting places that are famous for their beaches or have wonderful beaches regardless, then underwater photography with your action camera is a must. The best part about this is that action cameras are perfectly suitable to take underwater without disrupting or damaging their mechanics. You can create a beautiful transition of a land shot heading towards an underwater shot. 

Action cameras are ideal for underwater shots and require only a camera filter for colour correction. However, you can colour-correct your photographs afterwards with editing tools if you want to keep the same settings.

Daily shots

Action cameras are also beneficial when you want to take simple, calmer shots while doing everyday vlogs to document how you spend your days living in a country or a simple hangout with friends. You do not have to do something crazy if you want to take out your action camera to document your travels because smaller tasks are also unique in their way, and it is undoubtedly something you would want to look back on.

POV shots 

POV shots never stop trending because they’re aesthetic, candid, and spontaneous and make everyone who sees the picture appear as if they were living the moment themselves. This is one of the reasons why a POV shot is preferred, so you can look back into these moments and experience it like a time portal. Your action cameras highlight a particular point of view, a point, or a location. The types of point-of-view pictures are usually ones that are trending. 

Capturing POV shots is the right way to make the most out of your action camera. For instance, if you want to take a POV shot of yourself biking to the mountains, you can equip your action camera on your helmet to time it right to take the perfect shot. 

Experiment with paces

Using the right pace with your action camera may be necessary because of its lens size. Recording slower won’t work well because of the camera’s wide-angle lens; therefore, try going for a faster pace. Watching that way is much more enjoyable because a fast pace complements wide-angle cameras well. When recorded at a faster rate, it is also easier to comprehend what is happening in an action camera video.


Lighting is one of the more crucial points you have to take care of because it dramatically affects the outcome of your picture. A picture taken under good lighting will look infinitely better than one taken under too much or too less lighting. Harsh fluorescent light will make your photo look overly saturated, so here are some tricks to get around that.

 When you use the sun as your lighting fixture, ensure that it is behind the camera, illuminating your photo’s subject. Avoid mid-day sun because of its harshness and shadows created by a tall person standing beside your subject, for instance. You can even control the amount of light filtered through the aperture setting.

Bottom Line

Angles are important, and if you do it right, you can find the most professional-looking photography. Experiment with angles to try and find the right one. Underwater photography looks stunning with an action camera, so you should not miss out on the opportunity to take one. POV shots are trending, and action cameras are the perfect tool to take them. It is also important to note the significance of paces, so be a little cautious when choosing the correct recording rate. Finally, it cannot be stressed enough how important lighting is. Luckily there are tricks to ensure you get the best results out of your lighting. We hope this article helped.

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