Best-picks From Cents of Style

We all have been through the dilemma where we have had severe doubts regarding our fashion sense. 

From wondering if we look sophisticated and chic at the same time to put a label on our style, it has always made us overwhelmed. And don’t even get us started on how the money being spent changes to money being wasted.

Now imagine a store that is all about making your every penny count. The collections and ranges are all designed in a manner that shows where your money has been spent. 

The Cents of Style is a store with offerings that let you spend each cent in style. Be it bottoms for the pairing or hoops for completing your look.

The Cents of Style coupons make the store more worth spending, as the prices are ridiculously reduced while the quality is excellent. 

To make the shopping experience more fun and diversified for you, we have come up with a list of the best picks from the store.

Knitted Jogger Set

The comfort PJ sets give us at home is incomparable, but have you ever craved the same level of easiness while running errands or when you’re outdoor? We sure have. And Cents of Style knows what its customers desire. 

The store has a whole section dedicated to serving our matching co-ord needs.

The Nicole Double Knit Jogger Set is a top-seller this season. Available in 13 different winter colours, Ombre being our favourite. The imported cotton provides neck-level comfort, while the drawstring and slim fit cuts prioritise your sleek look.

For a more comfortable look inspired by Kim Kardashian, the Cambry Microfiber Shorts Set with biker shorts available in stunning colours look comfy yet snazzy. 

The oversized Tee shirts are of the softest material. You can also get the Lounge Kimono set with a matching shrug and bottoms, while the crop Tee is of simple, bold colours.

Floral Dresses

 The way floral dresses have notched up our dress game is insane. Be it midi dresses or knee-length ones. 

However, brands do forget to add personalized styling to them. The floral dresses at Cents of Style are not only modish but are styled in the chicest way.

The square boat neck with a short ruffled sleeve looks super cute. Moreover, the material used in the dressmaking is a blend of polyester and rayon. 

If you are looking for your Marilyn Monroe moment, the dress is your best bet as the material bend is stretchable and flowy.

Cents for Style advocates fashion for all and has its every collection in all sizes. 

However, to make plus-size women feel more confident in their skin, the Cameron rolled sleeve dresses in printed and solid colours are specially designed for them. 

Available in midi length and short dress cuts.

Cardigans and Sweaters

 Who doesn’t like winter apparel? Not only do they keep us warm, but the range of colours and styling options are extensive. Knitted sweaters, leather jeans, velvets, etc… The season brings the best of materials, and the Cents of Style lets us embrace our bodies in the most stylish ways.

The Felicity Chenille Mock Neck Sweater gets re-stocked just as much as it gets sold out rapidly. 

The over-long sleeves scream cosiness. Even though the colour range these sweaters are launched in is precise and grey-toned, they still go with almost all pants and jeans. Pair it with solid charcoal leather jeans, and you’ll look no less of a diva.

Do snake and leopard prints ever go out of style? We don’t think so. Each time they are used in a new style, we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

The Rory Leopard Gradient Cardigan is a must-have if you are into textured prints. The sleeves are of a white leopard, while the body is of a cat. You can order it online from the Cents of Style e-store.

Snake Pendant Necklace

 We couldn’t stop ourselves from recommending you this stunning neckpiece under the jewellery section at Cents of Style. 

The snake pendant is a rare find, and if you are one bit into reptiles, you will love the gold textured snake, which looks ferocious in the most feminine way.

The metal alloy is 18 Carat gold-plated, while the chain is thicker than usual. It is available in both silver and gold colour tones, and the Verity Textured Snake Pendant goes well with your free-spirited look. 

Cents of Style is among the very few brands which have over the years graced us with their modish collections and have enhanced our style sense.

We hope this article helps you find your favourite style pair from the store.

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