Review : Is Legit? Review : Yes, is entirely legit and the most reliable bitcoin faucet in the world.

You can effortlessly withdraw your balance to your bitcoin wallet. has already distributed a significant number of bitcoins to users as rewards for the free BTC feature on its website. Review

It has been providing free bitcoins to registered users since its inception in 2013. Review: is is Legit or is genuine?

You may have a lot of questions. Is the website a scam, or is it paying its user’s Bitcoins? Before we start about legit or not, let us move towards what is ? is really in 2022 free bitcoins available? How does this site work?

More questions let me solve this site puzzle, and I hope this post will provide good information.

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What Is is an internet bitcoin faucet that makes it possible for customers to earn approximately $200 every hour together with other significant contests and rewards.

One of the most famous attributes of is its provably fair HI-LO dice game, which is a straightforward means to increase your bitcoins. also has an extensive referral program where you can bring your pals to the site using your referral weblink and gain benefits and lifetime compensations amounting 50%.

By inviting various other customers via your referral web link, you will receive added income from each of their actions on the site.

The amount of your incentive is distributed as follows. Users can sign up, visit, fix captchas every hour, and gain bitcoin.

One of the fascinating things right here is the Bitcoin tap. Every hour you have an opportunity to win approximately $200 in BTC. Review is the most popular and also a giant Bitcoin faucet in the world. Aside from the tap, this site also provides numerous betting video games. So, can be considered as an online casino.

However, unlike the substantial majority of casino sites, this site gives you a chance not only to win some money but likewise make in several methods.

Free BTC

The initial area any user sees when entering the website is FREE BTC. Every hour you have a chance to win up to $200 in BTC and the dimension of the benefit is linked to the number you roll. As well as in 98.9% of instances, you will undoubtedly get this reward.

Number Payout
0-9885 ≈$0.002
9886-9985 ≈$0.02
9986-9993 ≈$0.2
9994-9997 ≈$2
9998-9999 ≈$20
10000 ≈$200

This means you can raise the base benefit to the dimension of the 2nd rate incentive, which is $ 0.02. The fastest method to increase the base incentive is by buying lottery tickets.


With every FREE BTC roll, you will get 2 lottery tickets. If you have at least 1 ticket, you automatically take part in a once-a-week lottery.


The win possibilities are relatively little like in any lottery, so the more tickets you have, the greater your chances of getting among the prizes.

Some individuals also win with a small number of tickets, so I do not advise investing your crypto for buying tickets.Along with the total freeroll, you will receive 1 ticket for every single 500 Satoshis wagered in the Hi-Lo video game or in the Betting.

Earn BTC Review : Once your account reaches a balance of 30000 satoshis a new feature unlocks – Annual Interest. This is a compound interest that is paid into your account on a daily basis. The payout is fixed at 4.08% APY, but it can be raised up to 25% if you take part in the FUN Token campaign.

There is no minimum period to start receiving interest accruals! You start making profits immediately if you have 30,000 satoshis or more in your account.

Freebitcoin Casino (Multiply BTC) Review : The game in this section is preferred amongst crypto bettors, the Hi-Lo game or Hi-Lo Dice. The significance of the game is that you need to bet on a reduced or high number.

The video game has 2 settings: Manual Wager and Auto Bet.
You can set the bet amount, wager probabilities (multiplier), or win opportunity in the Manual Wager.
As well as you need to click the “WAGER” switch every round.

Manual bet

In the Auto Bet mode, you can set the desired number of rolls and configure numerous parameters. You can choose on what numbers put bets HI, LO, or alternative.

Auto bet

The maximum possible win per bet is x4750, as well as it’s topped at 20 BTC.

There is additionally a prize available in this video game. To participate in the jackpot game, you must select the wanted reward degree and make a wager.

Website proprietors do not utilize this word, yet you must understand that the Multiply BTC tab is a pure online gambling establishment game. The video game in this area is preferred amongst crypto casino players, the Hi-Lo game or Hi-Lo Dice. The significance of the game is that you require to bet on a high or low number.

To participate in the pot video game, you have to select the preferred reward degree and make a bet.

Multiply BTC bonus

After you bet a certain amount of Satoshis on Hi-Lo, a bonus for the game will become available to you. As with all casinos, this bonus has certain conditions that you must agree to before claiming. These are the most important ones:

  • An equivalent amount of your bonus will be deducted from your balance. A bonus account is formed from them, from which bets will be debited when playing Hi-Lo. That means you can’t claim a higher amount than your current balance.
  • Before your bonus balance becomes a real balance you have to fulfill the wagering requirements of x25. That means if your bonus balance is 0.002 you need to wager (0.002 x 25) = 0.05 BTC before you can withdraw.
  • You can fulfill only 10% of the wagering requirements in a single bet.
  • The bonus doesn’t have expired date and will remain active until you lose the bonus balance or fulfill the wagering requirements.

The amount of available bonus is based on your wager amount. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the information on how it’s calculated.

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Referral Program

And also, the referral program is one of them. By inviting other customers through your referral web link, you will undoubtedly get additional earnings from each of their activities on the website.

All incomes from your referrals are instantly credited to your balance.

Action Your Reward
FREE BTC Roll 50% of the BTC win, 1 reward point, 1 lottery ticket
BTC APY 25% of base daily interest
FUN TOKEN SALES 50% of trade fee

To encourage various other individuals to sign up utilizing your web link, you can share your earnings with them. To do this, it is enough to set the desired portion that you wish to share.

Afterward, each week your references will receive a part of your profits from them. It can be divided equally amongst all or based upon the activity of a solitary individual.

By registering using my web link each week, you will certainly obtain 50% of my earnings from your activity as an incentive. Click the banner below as well as have a good time with Freebitcoin. Review

Deposit and Withdrawal Review : If you are going to use the Freebitcoin website as a casino, then you will need to make a deposit. On the site, as you might guess, only one payment method is available – Bitcoin. To fund your account, you need to transfer BTC from your wallet to the wallet associated with your account. Funds will be credited after 1 network confirmation. If you don’t own any BTC you can buy them directly from via the CoinDCX [INDIA]

Withdrawing Bitcoins from your account is as easy as depositing. There are 3 options for withdrawing funds.

  1. AUTO. You can set up an auto-withdrawal. In this case, your current balance will be sent to your BTC wallet automatically every Sunday.
  2. SLOW. This type of withdrawal takes more time but has fewer fees. It will take from 6 to 24 hours.
  3. INSTANT. Faster withdrawal with higher fees. It takes around 15 minutes.

The minimum withdrawal for all options is 0.0003 BTC.

Freebitcoin Daily Jackpot

Every day on the site, a progressive jackpot is drawn among all users making bets. A small portion of every Hi-Lo or Event bet goes to the pool. At the end of the day, this pool will go to the player with the highest wager.

Your rank and jackpot size in real-time are displayed on the corresponding banner at the top of each page of the site.

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Rewards Review : You will undoubtedly receive Compensate Factors or, in addition to Satoshis and lottery tickets for each roll made. These are like neighborhood money that you can use to retrieve different prizes and get rewards to improve your account.

For Every Single FREE BTC roll, you will certainly get 2 Reward points as well as 1 factor for each 500 Satoshis wagered in the Multiply BTC game or Betting. You can disable the lottery in the account settings and obtain 2 more RP than lottery tickets.

For incentive points, you can acquire various electronics like smartphones, video cameras, earphones, etc. Or you can boost your account to gain even more Satoshis or lottery tickets.

You can get bonus offers of approximately 100 tickets, as well as up to 1000% BTC benefit.

Until October 2021, you could still get an incentive to obtain even more RP. It was changed with two brand-new perks: Wheel of Fortune as well as FUN Token Bonuses.

And also, the last means to spend your RP is to encash them right into BTC for 1 RP to 1 Satoshi. Yet there is one thing, and you can trade at the very least 100,000 factors.

Wheel of Fortune

Site developers never cease to delight users and introduce more cool promotions for them. In 2021, a promo called The Wheel of Fortune became available to all users. Every day, everyone who subscribes to the Fribitсo email newsletter will be given one free spin of the wheel with various prizes. The lucky ticket you can find at the bottom of the email.

Every day you have a chance to win $15.000 in BTC, $1500 in BTC, Golden Tickets, Lottery Tickets, Reward Points, Amazon Gift Cards, or Free BTC

The chances of a big win in the Wheel of Fortune are even lower than in FREE BTC roll. In this image, you can see the odds of each possible win.

FUN Token Campaign (Freebitcoin VIP Program)

In 2021, Freebitcoin began close participation with the enjoyable Token team. Their joint work was the development of an analog of the VIP program for individuals that hold FUN Tokens. As well as later, the launch of a full-fledged internet casino site with video clip slots, cards, and live games

To encourage individuals to get FUN, Freebitcoin presented a rewards system for FUN staking. You can get up to 1% cashback on your Multiply BTC and also Betting wagers, up to 16 Wheel of Fortune cost-free spins, and as much as 25% rise for Yearly Interest Rate.

To participate in the promo, you need to buy and secure at the very least 2500 Tokens. The more your symbols remain locked, the more benefits you will certainly obtain. The minimum and maximum benefit degrees are shown listed below.

Among other points, you will likewise receive 25% APY on the number of locked tokens. In August 2021, collaboration got to a brand-new level, and the firms partnered to develop a new casino called DPLAY.

Freebitcoin Reputation and Reviews

The site has been operating since 2013 and, during this time, has collected more than 47 million customers. Of training course, some of the blame exists with the creators of the site, who do not call things by their appropriate names and therefore mislead some individuals.

It is likewise worth mentioning that there is no age limitation on the website, which makes it feasible for minors to register and wager there.

The remainder of the site works perfectly.

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Personal Experience

I have personally been using the site since 2017. I mainly use it as a faucet, and sometimes I play Hi-Lo. During all this time, I Invested around 10$, Which Turned 800$+ in 2021

I have never had any problems with a deposit or withdrawal of funds. Everything came quickly and in full.

proof Review :

Yes, Its Legit, if you have already turned 18, I recommend that you try Freebitcoin as a way of earning money or as an online casino.

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