Guest Post Sites List 2022: 499+ Free High DA Guest Blog Sites

One of the most obvious but techy ways to find guest Post Site List opportunities is to see for them. This is the better way to find other blog/websites in a similar field looking for posts.

Guest posts could bring high-quality website traffic to your website if it’s done correctly.

Guest Post Sites List

Below is a list of HA DA quality Blog/Website that accept guest posts.

What is Guest Blogging or Guest Posting?

Guest posting contributing to a blog or posting implies composing and distributing your article on different sites to:

  • Build your profile as a contributor or columnist
  • Increase brand visibility, user base, and reputation of your and your website, and
  •  Acquire powerful backlinks

Yet, Why Guest Post or Guest Blog?

I’m not getting reference traffic because of less permeability on the web.

My pages are not positioning naturally because of second-rate area authority and do-follow backlinks.

My group and I have powerless PR and relations with my industry powerhouses.

Every one of the elements referenced above is influencing my CTR and change rate.

Presently, how would it be a good idea for me to deal with work on my $0 advertising venture?

The appropriate response is GUEST BLOGGING or GUEST POSTING!!

Indeed! You heard it right!

Guest posting content to a blog or posting is perhaps the best-promoting strategy to secure do-follow joins on extremely high space authority sites. Visitors contributing to a blog likewise drive huge loads of qualified traffic to your site. In the SEO world, visitor posting/visitor publishing content to a blog is a white cap off-page SEO method that is 100% safe.

What is the way of publishing a guest post?

Some of simplest way to guest post by following this steps

There are only 3 steps:

  1. Search for quality websites and blogs
  2. Ask the owner to accept your content
  3. Write your pitch, submit and wait for the benefits.

What people write in Google in order to find guest posting websites?

Below are the keywords used by most of marketers and web owners.

Keyword phrases used in Google searches:
“guest post” “guest posts wanted”
“write for us” “looking for guest posts”
“guest article” “guest posts wanted”
“this is a guest post by” “guest poster wanted”
“contributing writer” “accepting guest posts”
“want to write for” “writers wanted”
“submit blog post” “articles wanted”
“contribute to our site” “become an author”
“guest column” “become guest writer”
“submit content” “become a contributor”
“submit your content” “submit guest post”
“submit post” “submit an article”
“This post was written by” “submit article”
“guest post courtesy of ” “guest author”
“guest posting guidelines” “contributing writer”
“suggest a post” “submit news”
“submit an article” “become a guest blogger”
“contributor guidelines” “guest blogger”

Guest Post Site List in categories

Here, from my last two months of research and analysis, I have decided to share with you the list of best 500+ guest post sites or guest blog sites that includes almost every major content marketing, blogging, and business industry, such as:

  • Marketing and Advertising Guest Post Sites List
  • SEO Guest Post Sites List
  • Blogging Guest Post Sites List
  • Content Marketing Guest Post Sites List
  • Social Media Guest Post Sites List
  • Online Marketing/ Email Marketing Guest Post Sites List
  • News, Business and Entrepreneur Guest Post Sites List
  • Travel and Tourism Guest Post Sites List
  • Technology Guest Post Sites List
  • Website Design and Development Guest Blog Post Sites List
  • Fashion Guest Blog Post Sites List
  • Health and Fitness Guest Blog Post Sites List
  • Food Guest Blog Posts Sites List

The list is prepared and taken live in December 2021. So you need not worry about the outdated website DA listing, broken links, Google latest algorithm updates, and more.

Since all the guest blogging websites are not relevant. Most of them are worthless. So it would be best if you considered the site’s relevancy, domain authority, do-follow, no-follow, sponsored link, or UGC links.

Marketing and Advertising Guest Post Sites:

Website DA 91 92 86 89 88 87 89 91 88 89 90 90 84 88 85 85 73 77 71 64 60 70 74 48 57 48 52 60 49 67 49 43 72


SEO Guest Post Sites List:

Website DA Link
Search Engine Land 90 Contribute
RankWatch Blog 81 Write for us ,
SEMrush Blog 79 Guidelines
Search Engine Watch 79 Become a Contributor
Search Engine Roundtable 77 Contact us
Jeffbullas’s Blog 72 Writing Process
MarketingTechNews 56 Write for us
TechWyse 53 Write for us
Serpstat Blog 53 Submit 51 Submit 51 Contribute
Pole Position Marketing 48 Write for us
skyje 46 Write for Us
Linkody Blog 42 Write for us 42 Contribute
Mangools Blog 39 Write for us
Seomator 37 Write for us
ResultFirst 35 Write for us

Blogging Guest Post Sites List:

Website DA Link
Content Marketing Institute 77 Guidelines
The Blog Herald 62 Post submission
John Chow 59 Write Guest Post 57 Guidelines 56 Guest Posts 55 Write for us
Blogsolute 48 Contact Us
HellBound Bloggers (HBB) 48 Write for HBB
Authority Hacker 48 Contact
Bloggers Passion 47 Submit Post
The Mogul Mom 43 Contribute
WP Security Ninja 30 Guest Posts

Content Marketing Guest Post Sites List

Website DA Link
TheGuardian 95
TechCrunch 94
Utexa 93
HubSpot 91
HuffPostUK 90
Upgrad 89
KissMetrics 87
Crazy Egg 84
WordStream 83
Get Response 82
Outbrain 81
Articles Base 79
SocialMediaExaminer 78
Content Marketing Institute 77
Copyblogger 77
CoSchedule Marketing 71
Grass Hopper 70
SumoMe 68
Digital Information World 64
TechWyse 61
AllTechBuzz 59
IAmWire 58
JustCreative 58
eContent Mag 57
Daily Blog Tips 56
MarketingTechNews 56
MakingyouGreat 51
TrafficGeneration Cafe 48
HellBound Bloggers 46
TheNextScoop 44
OnlineIncomeTeacher 43
Brittany Berger 42
Craft Your Content 42
Daily SEO Blog 41

Social Media Guest Post Sites List:

Website DA Link
Mashable 93 Submit News
Media Contribute 84 Submit
Social Media Examiner 79 Want to write
SocialMediaToday 78 Become a Contributor
CoSchedule Blog 74 Write for us
The Mention Blog 73 Guest Blogging
SocialMediaWeek 70 Submit
Social Media Week 70 Write for us
Agorapulse 68 Work for us
Kevin MD 67 Submit
TheSITSGirls 66 Submit
Post Planner 64 Guest blogger
TheSEMPost 62 Submit
Social Media Explorer 62 Work for us
Social Media Club 61 Submit blog 61 Write for us
Socialnomics 59 Contact
Faking News 58 Submit
Creative Guerrilla Marketing 58 Submit
ViralBlog 57 Submit
SocialPilot 55 Submit
SiteProNews 55 Submit
Brand24 Blog 55 Write for us
Shane Barker 54 Submit 50 Submit News
TheSocialMediaHat 48 Submit
TheStandard 48 Submit
99 Signals 47 Submit
Clickfire 46 Write
Social Media Strategies Summit 44 Write for us
TheMarketingBlog 43 Submit
Brand Driven Digital 43 Submit
Mostly Blogging 42 Submit
Social Media Sun 42 Submit
Social Media Revolver 42 Write for us

Online Marketing/ Email Marketing Guest Post Sites List:

Website DA Link
GetResponse Blog 80 Write for us
Mailjet 67 Contributor Guidelines
CXL 66 Guest Post Here
BenchmarkEmail Blog 65 Write guest post 59 Write for Us 46 Guest Post 43 Write For Us

News, Business and Entrepreneur Guest Post Sites List

Website DA Link 95 Contact 95 Guidelines for contributors
Wall Street Journal 94 Guidelines 93 Contact
Fast Company 93 Guidelines 93 Guidelines
GoDaddy blog 93 Contribute 92 Submit a Story
Harvard Business Review 91 Guidelines
Business 2 Community 86 Become a Contributor
Outbrain 81 Guest Blogging 79 Guest Post 78 Contributor 76 Contact 71 Contact for Guest Post 69 Writing
Addicted2Success 63 Write for us
StartupNation 61 Contribute 60 Join 59 Submit Guest Post
YFS Magazine 58 Contribute
TweakYourBiz 58 Write for TYB
Foundr 57 Contributors Form
StartupBros Blog 53 Guest Blogging 52 Share a Story
MyVenturePad 47 Submit Guest Post
SmallBizClub 45 Write for us 35 Guest Post

Travel and Tourism Guest Post Sites List

Website DA Link
Auto Straddle 83
Boarding Area 81
Boarding Area 78 Become a Blogger
Articles Base 77
Hostelbookers 77 Write for us
TravelBlog 75
WorldNomads 71
Creative Bloom 70
Daily News Hungary 69
Africa Geographic 68
The Planet D 68 Write for us
TravelSupermarket 66
Go Abroad 66 Write for us
Bootsnall 64
foXnoMad 64 Guest Posts
TravelDailyMedia 63
WideOpenSpaces 63
eDreams 63 Write for us
Blog Activ 61
Chiangrai Times 60
Global Grasshopper 58 Write for Us
Belize Travel Blog 57
TravelMamas 57
NomadsWorld 56 Write for us
Budget Your Trip 55
TravelSignPosts 55
TravelersUnited 54
TucanTravel 53
Heather on her travels 53 Guest Posts
TravelAway 52
WomenontheRoad 51
Sheswanderful 51 Write
30seconds 50
Wanderful 50
Bossed Up 49
Asian Fortune News 48
TripandTravel Blog 48
UncoverColorado 48
WellBeing 48
Upscale 47
AspirantSG 46
Concept BB 46
The Travel Manuel 46 Write for us
UrbanTravelBlog 45
TravelBite 44
VergeMagazine 43
About My Planet 42
Afropolitan Mom 42
Beauty and Fashion 42
Best in Au 42
TravelVisaBookings 42
TravellerHunt 42
365 Tickets 41
TravelBelles 41
Trendipia 41
Apps Savvy 40
Boomerinas 40
TravelFree 40
360 Magazine 39
Backpackers World 39
Auralcrave 38
VagabondFamily 38
Aussie On The Road 37
TravelEater 37
Travelsauro 37
UrbanWired 37
TravelEurope 35
TravelTipsor 35
Algarve Digital 34
Biggie Tips 33
Blue Lifestyle 33
Czech the World 33
Travelista 33
Trekroute 32
Advento Grapher 31
All in Crete 31
TravelforFoodHub 31
TrulyTraveled 31
Uncharted101 31
Camping Cooks 30
Bubs on the Move 27
Amipsyche 26
TravelBible 26
TripOutlook 26
Aus-Vacations 25
Catalog Magazine 25
TravelBloggersGuide 25
Confetti Travel Cafe 24
TravelEscape 24

Technology Guest Post Sites List

Website DA Link
VentureBeat 92 Guest Post Submissions
Slashdot 91 Submit Story
SitePoint 86 Write For Us
Read Write 84 Submit
Inspirationfeed 78 Write For Us 70 Contact 65 Write for us
PragProg 63 Write with us
All Tech Buzz 60 Contact 58 Submit Guest Post
TechWalls 57 Write For Us
Colocation America 52 Let’s Write
MakingDifferent 49 Write for us
TechLila 44 Write for us
TechMaish 42 Write For Us
TechiBhai 39 Write for us
iTechCode 38 Write For Us

Website Design and Development Guest Blog Post Sites List:

Website DA Link
Smashing Magazine 88 Become an author
Creative Blog (CB) 87 Write for CB
Hongkiat 86 Write for us
Web Design Ledger 83 Contribute
Web Designer Depot 81 Write for us
Colossal 79 Submissions
A List Apart 76 Write for us
Webflow 74 Write for us
Instant Shift 70 Contribute
Speckyboy 66 Contribute an article
Vandelay Design 65 Write for us
Web Designer Pad 59 Write for us
Top Design Magazine 56 Write for us
Creative Nerds 56 Write for us
InDesignSecrets 54 Write for us
binPress 53 Write for us
Quertime 51 Write for us
CrazyLeafDesign 51 Write for us
Writer’s Relief 51 Guest Blogging
Fatbit 50 Write for us
Cats Who Code 50 Guest Blogging 50 Write for us
Men with Pens 49 Guest post guidelines
appendTo 49 Write for us
CollectiveRay 42 Write for us

Fashion Guest Blog Post Sites List:

Website DA Link
Just Jared 86 Contact
Fashionista 83 Like to Write
Offbeat Bride 68 Submit your post
PRCouture 48 Write for us
HelloGiggles 88 Contact us
Glitter Guide 56 Call for Writers
College Fashion 64 Write for us
Love My Dress 55 Submissions
Wise She 47 Write for us

Health and Fitness Guest Blog Post Sites List:

Website DA Link
Mercola 91 Submit a Story
mindbodygreen 88 Contribute
Natural News 86 Contribute 86 How to submit a post
Tim Blog 73 Guest Post
T Nation 72 Editorial Guidelines 68 Submit Guest Post
Idea Fit 64 Guidelines
The Master Cleanse 56 Write For Us
Trail Runner 55 Contributors
Well-Being Secrets 54 Write for us
HealthResource4U 41 Write for Us

Food Guest Blog Posts Sites List:

Website DA Link
The Kitchn 86 Submissions
Taste of Home 85 Contributor 80 Guidelines
One Green Planet 78 Write for Us
Mother Earth Living 67 Submission 65 Write for Us
Tori Avey 65 Guidelines 64 Guest Post Guidelines
Food Dive 62 Submit
Menuism Dining Blog 59 Write for Us

How Can I Find Guest Blogging or Guest Posting Websites?

Leverage lists of websites that accept guest posts

You just need to Google: “list of blogs that accept guest posts” or “list of – your keyword – blogs that accept guest posts”, thus Google will result in numerous lists of blogs. But still, you need to research them if they are outdated.

Research your competitors they are guest posting upon

Identify bloggers in the same niche as you who are already guest blogging and then search using these search queries:

  • “guest post by blogger_name”
  • “a guest contribution by blogger_name”

Use tools to help you find guest posting opportunities

Leverage tools can help you with research: content research tools, social listening tools, or audience overlap tools such as Buzzsumo, Semrush.

I trust the previously mentioned Guest writing for a blog list in different classes helps you.

Presently it is your move!

Inform me as to whether you are utilizing Guest Posting for a blog to improve your locales off-page SEO showcasing and advancement.

For sure are other advertising strategies you are utilizing to construct your image, increment the traffic client base, CTR, and transformations.

Additionally, kindly don’t spare a moment to request any questions.

In any case, let me know by leaving your considerations in the Coment Section.

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