How to Hire the Best Android App Development Services

Android app development is one of the most lucrative business ventures of this decade. We have witnessed several startups strengthening their roots in technical and non-technical domains with Android apps. With 71% of android users, these apps can be your safest way to digital transformation and business scalability.

Best Android App Development Services

Considering the growing demand for Android app development services, the talent pool working on Java, Kotlin and Android frameworks is also growing exponentially – making it more difficult to choose between thousands and thousands of developers. To simplify the decision-making process, here is a quick guide on the subject.

The Quick Basics of Android App Development

There was a time when developers would use different tools for styling, structuring and feature integration. But as apps and the market competition grew, so did the software development toolkits.

Java and Kotlin are two major programming languages used for coding Android applications. though, most developers now use Android development frameworks that simplify the overall development process because of the ready-made code snippets, API shortcuts, design resources and so on.

React Native and Flutter are two popular frameworks used for developing native Android applications, but most developers now use these frameworks to code platform-independent – or let’s say, cross-platform applications.

Technical development has three major parts: back-end, front-end and API integration.

Front-end is the client-side of an application that directly interacts with the user. Back-end is the server-side which returns responses to user queries. API is the middle layer that exchanges data between these two layers.

For reference, Android app development process starts with wireframing (if the prototype isn’t prepared), then development, then testing and quality assurance and deployment.

You can choose to hire dedicated developers for all of these different stages, or hire a full-cycle development company to perform these tasks as a single project.

Types of Android App Development Services

While these are 5 standalone services, it is ideal you hire one company to do all of these for you. This way your project management will be easier, plus you will be able to save some capital in the long-run and allocate them to maintenance, updates and app marketing.

1.      Wireframing and Prototyping

In simplest terms, wireframing is the design of basic app screens also called the user interface. High-fidelity, dynamic wireframes form a prototype. Prototypes are primary if an appreneur plans to apply for third-party funding.

2.      Technical App Programming

App programming is the basic code of application. This part creates the actual features and functions of a mobile app. as mentioned earlier, this part is divided into three layers of development, but most development companies offer full-stack development covering front-end, back-end and API integration.

3.      App Testing And Debugging

Testing services include identification of issues like viruses, bugs, low user acceptance, data leakages, crashes and slow loading.

Testers usually have debugging personnel too and so, you can choose to take the issues and forward to developer or get them fixed by the testing and debugging teams only.

4.      App Maintenance and Support

This is technically not a part of agile Android app development process, but a primary step that comes after the app has launched on the Google Play store.

You need maintenance and support services to keep your Android application in good health.

These services help maintain an app’s performance and user experience altogether.

5.      App Updates

With time, you’ll realize that your app users need or want more features. Sometimes, business rivals replicate an app idea, innovate it to an extent and bring it to the market.

These business factors can hurt your app’s popularity and profitability. And to avoid these circumstances, it is ideal to keep an eye on the market, your users’ demands, your competitors’ initiatives and introduce an update or two every year.

Most appreneurs also roll out version updates when they fix bugs or upgrade an app’s performance or change something in the user interface. Update services are usually required 6 months after app launching.

How to Hire The Right Android Developer

1.      Start from Clutch and GoodFirms.

These are independent review websites that have strict benchmarks and standards to rank and rate B2B service companies for the quality of their work. The websites specify everything from project magnitudes to innovative strategies to technology stacks.

2.      Check time zone and business hours.

Doing so will help you find a developer who operates in the same hours as you do. Project management, communication and milestone completion will get convenient and quicker.

3.      Discuss the technical expertise.

For checking technical expertise, you need to ask your developer about everything we have mentioned in the quick basics section.

Programming languages, Android frameworks, testing and debugging and deployment protocols are all important areas to discuss.

With technical expertise, we suggest users also discuss prospective monetization models for their app.

Because developers have a hang of these strategies, they can suggest if your app should be free and earn from sponsored ads or paid and earn from memberships.

4.      Assess portfolio.

Checking a company’s previous projects can help you find the ideal developer for your app project. When checking the portfolio, make sure to assess the quality of designs, diverse industrial backgrounds, app complexity and features, project sizes in scope, cost and revenues, user experience and no. of downloads.

5.      Check social proof.

With LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, it is quite easier to check a company’s social proof. After assessing client testimonials on website and Google business listings, check LinkedIn endorsements and engagement on Facebook.

In fact, community groups like Reddit and Quora spaces are also platforms to check how your prospective developer engaged with their target audience.

Wrapping Up…

Appreneurs and startups really need considerate decision making when hiring for Android app development services.

but maintaining right balance between your priorities and project requirements is the key for success.

Hire a team that can turn your vision into a successful and profitable digital reality. Monitor the development process, track the milestones and your app will soon be a success!

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