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John Leonard is a former chief mountaineering ranger from the United States. He is best known for suing Pepsi, the largest manufacturer of soft drinks, for a $23 million fighter jet. John came into the spotlight after Netflix debuted its four-section docuseries, Pepsi, Where’s My Stream? in 2022, on November 17th. John Leonard’s net worth is approximately $1 million in 2023.

As of 2023, John Leonard net worth is around $1 million. He probably has a lot of money from working as a ranger in mountaineering. As a mountain ranger, John was in charge of keeping the mountain clean and the climbers safe. At Denali National Park, Leonard has also held the position of Acting South District Ranger. Despite the fact that he did not receive a $23 million jet, he appears to be content in his current position.

John Leonard Net Worth

Experts anticipate that John Leonard will have a net worth of approximately $1 million by the year 2023. He probably has a lot of useful information because he works as a mountain ranger. As a mountain officer, John was entrusted with guaranteeing the well-being of explorers and the upkeep of the mountain’s current circumstances.

Leonard has also substituted at Denali National Park for the South District Ranger. Despite not receiving a $23 million plane, he appears satisfied with his current position.

Full Name John Leonard
Birthday/Age 1974/42 years
Birthplace Seattle, Washington
Profession Former chief mountain ranger
Wife Dottie
Net Worth $1 million

John Leonard Net Worth in the Last 5 Years

Year Net Worth
2023 $1 Million
2022 $940k
2021 $870k
2020 $780k
2019 $710k
As we can see from the above table John has been consistently increasing his net worth and his net income over the years and finally reaching the benchmark of $1 Million this year.

Early Life

John Leonard was brought into the world in 1974 in Seattle, Washington. His upbringing, education, and parents are poorly documented. Notwithstanding, it is realized that his mom’s name is Linda Leonard. When he was young, his parents had a small business.

John’s mother has said that he is a go-getter who has always worked somewhere. John’s mother mentioned in the Netflix series that her son has worked as a paper boy, glass cutter, magazine seller, climbing guide, and window washer.

According to reports, John attended the community college and went on to earn a degree in business there. He liked being out in the mountains and enjoyed his independence from a young age.


Full Name John Leonard
Date of Birth In 1975
Age 47
Birth City Seattle, Washington
Born Place United States
Profession Mountain ranger
Net Worth $1 million
Wife Dottie
Children 2 ( one boy and one baby girl )
Last Updated 2023

Professional Life

In February 1996, John went over a business commercial from Pepsi, which express that assuming anybody gathers 7 million marks that individual would be qualified for a pristine Harriet bounce fly.

John came across a disclaimer later on that stated that customers could purchase Pepsi Points for ten cents each rather than collect labels. A $23 million Harrier jump jet could be yours for just $700,000. After that, he met Todd Hoffman, a charismatic millionaire in his 40s.

After that, Leonard and Hoffman examined the commercial’s videotape. The two simply continued to repeatedly view the advertisement. Pepsi, on the other hand, never took the advertisement seriously.

In fact, they just made fun of it. By and by, John, who was 21 by then genuinely accepted that the drink company’s arrangement of a Harriet Stream in return for 7 million Pepsi focuses. They got 7 million points after putting in a lot of effort, but they didn’t get a Harriet Jet in return.

Leonard then filed a lawsuit against Pepsi in an effort to obtain the jet that was advertised. A spokesperson for Peipsi said in the Netflix series that Leonard was the only person who tried to redeem the jet offer out of millions. In 1999, John ultimately lost the legal battle. From that point forward, he zeroed in simply on his natural energy for getting over mountains.

In 1999, he began filling in as a boondocks officer for Mount Rainier Public Park. He started working as a mountaineering ranger in Alaska’s Denali National Park after three years. He is currently employed by the National Park Service in the DC Bureau.

Personal Life

John Leonard is now a husband and father to Dottie, a woman. He and his partner have a son and a daughter, both of whom are now adults. John currently resides in Talkeetna, Alaska, with his family. His significant other is known to be St. Louis, the Missouri local. After Leonard lost the Pepsi lawsuit, he has shifted all of his attention to his family and his passion. He and his family appear to be doing great in their life.

John Leonard’s introduction to the world year is 1974 and he was brought into the world in Seattle. The names of his parents and the schools he attended are among the few details about his upbringing that are known. However, Linda Leonard has been identified as his mother. His parents operated a modest business when he was a child.

John’s mother says that he works hard and never stops trying new things. In the Netflix original, his mother reveals that he has broken glass, sold newspapers and magazines, worked as a climbing guide, and washed windows.

It is said that John went to a neighborhood junior college in quest of a degree in business. He cherished his independence as a child and sought solace in the wilderness.

How did John earn his career?

John was raised in western Washington in an entrepreneurial, middle-class family, so he was taught early on that “money was freedom,”, especially in light of his goals.

In point of fact, during his adolescence, he had developed a passion for traveling and the mountains, and he did everything in his power to open the door to more such experiences. His mom considered him a “determined worker” since he began working at an early age and never halted until he accomplished the monetary security to seek after the existence he had consistently envisioned

Post Pepsi Case Details

John Leonard and his wife, Dottie, have settled in and started a family. His accomplice and he have brought up two youngsters, a child, and a little girl. John and his family currently reside in Talkeetna, Alaska. His wife is from St. Louis, Missouri, as far as anyone is aware.

Leonard has made the decision to instead focus on his family and hobbies after losing his court case against Pepsi. It seems as though things are working out in a good way for him as well as his friends and family.

John Leonard Past in Trading

On February 3, 2021, John Leonard’s largest purchase order was for 317,060 units, or more than $4.81 million. On September 1, 2021, John Leonard received 121,372 orders totaling more than $19.52 million.

John Leonard has made around 29 exchanges over 6 years of their time at Intellia Therapeutics, Inc. John Leonard ordinarily exchanges January, with the most active year in 2020. On January 6, 2023, a sale order for 6,673 units totaling more than $248.3K was the most recent transaction.

John Leonard Salary

John Leonard’s total base salary as President and CEO of Intellia Therapeutics, Inc. is $580,000. After becoming President and CEO, John Leonard received a salary in 2020 that was approximately $3,635,676. A bonus of $319,000, option awards of $2,722,890, and other compensation of $13,786 comprised the vast majority of their compensation.

Pepsi, and the Jet Story of Mr. John Leonard

Netflix released this story about Pepsi on November 17, 2022. Pepsi’s Where’s My Jet tells the story of John Leonard, a young boy who tried to win a Harrier fighter jet from the drinks company as a prize in a well-publicized advertising campaign.

The now-notorious business saw the beverages organization proposing to their fans ‘Pepsi Stuff, for example, shades or astonishing calfskin coats which could be accomplished by procuring enough ‘Pepsi Focuses’ by buying jars or jugs of Pepsi.

Additionally, a Harrier fighter jet was included in the advertising campaign as one of the prizes, but Pepsi believed that the “price” of seven million Pepsi Points demonstrated that the inclusion of the jet was merely a joke. What Pepsi didn’t rely on was John Leonard who was adequately aggressive to finish this test of the organization to win the stream.

He tracked down a proviso in the principles, expressing the Pepsi Focuses could be bought for genuine cash at a dime each. With the direction of his dear companion Todd Hoffman and various financial backers, he sent in a check for around $700,000 dollars for guaranteeing the flight.

Does John Leonard Own A Jet?

John was unsuccessful in winning the Harrier jet from Pepsi. After Pepsi returned the check for $700,000 and stated the offer of the jet was truly a joke, John attempted to sue the company. He wanted to sue them for alleged claims of breaching of contract and fraud as the advert featured no disclaimer to suggest the offer as a rumor.

Moreover, the court was in favor of Pepsi and agreed that the apparent offer of a military jet – worth $23 million at the time was clearly not at all serious.


Leonard’s claims were rejected and recovery denied by Judge Kimba Wood’s court on a number of grounds, including:

According to the Restatement (Second) of Contracts, it was determined that the advertisement featuring the jet did not constitute an offer.
The court concluded that the company’s offer to sell a $37.4 million jet for $700,000 was bogus and that no reasonable person could have believed it.

The alleged contract’s value meant that it was covered by the Statute of Frauds, but the statute didn’t require a written agreement between the parties, so no contract had been made.

The court made a number of observations regarding the nature and content of the commercial in order to support its conclusion that the advertisement was evidently staged in jest and that the idea of traveling to school in a Harrier Jet is an exaggerated adolescent fantasy. These observations included:

The young youth highlighted in the business is a profoundly implausible pilot, one who could scarcely be entrusted with the keys to his folks’ vehicle, significantly less the valued airplane of the US Marine Corps.

The teen’s remark that flying a Harrier Fly to school ‘sure beats the transports shows an unrealistically easygoing disposition toward the general trouble and risk of steering a military aircraft in a neighborhood.

No school would give landing space to an understudy’s warrior stream, or excuse the interruption the fly’s utilization would cause.

Furthermore, the court stated:

Considering the Harrier Fly’s legitimate capability in going after and obliterating surface and air targets, equipped surveillance and air ban, and hostile and protective enemy of airplane fighting, the portrayal of such a fly as a method for getting to school in the first part of the day is obviously not serious regardless of whether, as offended party battles, the fly is fit for being procured ‘in a structure that disposes of [its] potential for military use.’

The decision was appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, which issued a brief per curiam opinion with the following conclusion: “We affirm for substantially the reasons stated in Judge Wood’s opinion.”

What is Intellia Therapeutics, Inc’s Past Insider Trades?

Intellia Therapeutics, Inc’s latest insider exchange came on Walk 3, 2023 by James Basta who sold 1,088 units worth $47.74K. Over the most recent 7 years, insiders at Intellia Therapeutics, Inc have sold an expected worth of $307.06M and purchased an anticipated worth of $44M worth of offers. May is when insider trading is most common, and 2021 was the busiest year. John Leonard, President and CEO, Francois Jean Formela, Director, and Jose Rivera, EVP, are the company’s most active traders.

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Pepsi Case Conclusion

Since Pepsi did not cash the check, there was no evidence of fraud. The commercial was still shown, but Pepsi changed the price of the Harrier Jet to 700 million Pepsi Points and added a “Just Kidding” disclaimer to make things clearer.

The Pentagon stated that the Harrier Jet would not be sold to civilians without being “demilitarized,” which would have meant removing the Harrier’s vertical landing and takeoff capabilities. On November 17, 2022, a docu-series about the case named Pepsi, Where’s My Fly? was distributed by Netflix.


Where is his wife from?

His wife is from St. Louis, Missouri, as far as anyone is aware.

What future plans does Leonard is making after Pepsi Case?

Leonard has made the decision to instead focus on his family and hobbies after losing his court case against Pepsi.

How many children does the couple have?

His accomplice and he have brought up two youngsters, a child, and a little girl.

Where do John and his family reside?

John and his family currently reside in Talkeetna, Alaska.

What is John Leonard Pepsi net worth?

John Leonard Pepsi net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

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