The validity period of Visa for Egypt

The Egypt visa requirements are quite easy because the visa is only issued for a short period of time. The single entry visa is only issued for 30 days and the multi-entry visa is issued for 90 days, you may use this kind of visa for multi-entry into the country Visa for Egypt. The whole procedure of renewing your visa is quite simple, if you have a multi-entry visa, then apply for a brand new visa, when the validity of your visa is less than a week or two remaining. When you have applied for a brand new visa, you can still stay in the country.

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There is no need to leave the country in a hurry, the most you would get is your Visa for Egypt in 3 to 4 days. It is better to get a local guide to the tourists, these people can be more than useful for you when you’re traveling to a country like Egypt. The main reason for that, these people are local and always have contacts with the visa authorities to get a visa in a hurry.


We are discussing the validity of the Egypt visa and what kind of requirements you need to fulfill when your visa has expired.


The way to handle the situation:

Egypt visa requirements for the extension are also not difficult, for example, if you have a multi-entry visa, and if it has expired after 90 days. Then you can apply for an extension of another 3 months. The whole procedure is online, you need to submit the visa extension fee, and your visa would be extended for another 90 days. It means you can stay for 6 months in the country. This is a long duration to visit the various historical places. 


Most of the time the Researches and the archeologist are applying for the visa extension as these people may need to stay for a longer period in the country due to the nature of their work. Some of the tourists may apply for special permission to travel to Egypt. These people may be connected to organizations like The National Geographic Channel and UNESCO. The Egypt visa requirements have been made quite simple for such people, and it is possible the government may provide them with an Egypt visa on arrival.


The renewal for Visa for Egypt: 

You need to travel outside the borders of Egypt, for getting a new visa, the tourists having a multi-entry visa can apply just before the expiry of their visa if you want to get the renewal of the visa by remaining at the borders of the country. Then you need to visit the visa office in the Cario. 


It is better to get the services of some of the local tourist guides, these people always have some contacts in the visa office, and you would be able to get a brand new Visa for Egypt. The procedure is manual, it may take some time to process, and can be a little hectic for you. Some of the tourists also leave the country for a short period and then reenter the country after getting a brand new visa.

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