Top 3 Free CRMs that can be Integrated with Free PBX

CRMs have progressed dramatically in just a few years. They’ve evolved from three-letter monsters into ready-to-use software for organizations of all shapes and sizes since they’ve become far easier to learn, deploy, and pay for.

Free CRM with Free PBX

A customer relationship management system centralizes all customer contacts across all channels. Businesses may improve customer experience, satisfaction, retention, and service by managing centralized data.

Integrating Free CRM with Free PBX enables companies of all sizes to increase revenue and profits.

Yes, they’re still primarily for sales, marketing, and customer service departments. However, they now handle various things, including assisting users in managing relationships among team members, vendors, partners, and colleagues.

Key Benefits of CRM

Improved Customer Service

CRM keeps track of your connections and gathers lead and customer data to create profiles of everyone you deal with. This allows you to quickly access critical data to understand better consumer behaviour, like purchase records and previous interactions with contacts via different channels. 

Customers can skip telling experiences repeatedly, and you’ll be able to address concerns more efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

Increased Sales 

Free CRM with Free PBX

More excellent sales and sales productivity will undoubtedly result from streamlining and improving the sales process, building a sales pipeline, automating activities, and analyzing sales data.

CRM allows you to access all of your customer-facing voice, chat, social media, and email touchpoints from a single location. You may close more business by developing a repeatable, proven sales process and delivering the appropriate Call Center Solution on the right channel at the right time.

Retain More Customers

Customer retention

Customer retention and churn rates are critical determinants of a company’s success; customer churn is a significant roadblock to expansion. CRM tools like sentiment analysis, automatic ticketing, customer support, and customer service automation can substantially boost your retention by allowing human agents to defuse problems. 

Customer life cycle analytics solutions can show you when churn occurs and allow you to identify and fix pain areas.

Better Analytics

Better analytics with Free PBX

Analytical CRM technologies make your data more accessible, understandable, and relevant to your business needs. All of your sales and marketing data flow into CRM to become visible KPIs, and data warehousing and data mining help make sense of it all. The results are customer acquisition, retention, and better data management.



CRM improves business transparency by assigning tasks, displaying work, and identifying who is who and who is doing what.

If sales are your top goal, you can use individual sales representative performance tracking. CRM provides visibility into your business processes to everyone in your organization, allowing for excellent communication and cooperation.

Top 3 Free CRM For Businesses

Free CRM solutions allow you to test out a platform with your team to see if you can receive value from it without investing any money upfront. It is especially beneficial if you’re a small business or a startup on a tight budget; a CRM for small businesses is the way to go.

Zoho CRM

zoho crm

Zoho CRM is small business-friendly software with a simple user interface, customizable modules, pragmatic automation, and social networking tools.

You can use the platform to create and define specialized workflows, manage leads, and begin streamlining day-to-day operations. It also works with Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, allowing you to contact leads with superhuman precision.

When you’ve outgrown the free CRM, you can subscribe to Zoho’s Standard version, which adds robust sales forecasting and KPI tracking to the usability equation. More capabilities are included in the Enterprise version, including stage-by-stage sales funnel tracking, data comparisons across users, teams, geographies, products/services, and more.


sugar crm

Without the problems and frustrations of typical CRMs, you can get a clear picture of each customer. SugarCRM allows marketing, sales, and customer service personnel to delegate tasks to the platform ultimately.

SugarCRM is a highly adaptable customer and lead management system that connects sales, marketing, and support teams.

The platform’s main benefit is that it allows you to fine-tune and personalize your sales cycle and pipeline. It’s easy to put your team’s personalities together into a unified, appropriate system with customizable dashboards and productivity and collaboration features.

From “Prospect” to “Proposal” to “Deal Won,” SugarCRM’s Sales Stage maintains track of opportunities and assigns a chance of success to each stage. This is quite helpful for sales forecasting.

You can create unique apps for your discrete selling needs using the platform’s development capabilities. You can accomplish many ‘developer’ tasks like setting up features and fields without learning a line of code thanks to a straightforward, drag-and-drop modular interface.

With access to in-depth sales information at any time of day, Android and iOS apps keep your sales team humming along on the road.

Drip eCRM

Drip CRM

Drip eCRM is designed to help online businesses succeed, and it excels at tracking eCommerce KPIs. It was created to assist smaller businesses in escaping the shadow of more giant corporations and their tailored algorithms, allowing them to develop more intimate and intelligent client interactions.

Its name suggests that the company specializes in drip marketing initiatives. It manages the timing of marketing materials distribution via email, text message, Facebook advertisements, and customized landing pages and websites.

The platform employs marketing automation to determine whether a user is a prospect, a customer, or an advanced user and then adjusts strategy accordingly. You can keep track of purchase intent and unique occurrences using lead scoring and tracking features.

CRMs are designed to increase sales, save time and money, and provide clients with a service that they will remember for all the right reasons.

Whatever your company’s size or industry, you can rest guaranteed that a CRM system is available with Free PBX. There’s never been a better moment to optimize Free CRM with Free PBX than now.

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