Types of Cardboard Boxes Accessible and their Significance

Whenever we enter any shop or a mart, we see a lot of products. All of them are packed in different types of boxes. 

They might differ in the shape of the box. However, the primary material used to make the boxes is the same for a lot of them. It is cardboard. Custom cardboard boxes have become very common now.

custom cardboard boxes

We see them in every shop, on every shelf. This is all due to their variability. 

Companies can make boxes for all types of products from them. It reduces the Packaging costs a lot. 

It favors the companies. Especially new companies are using these boxes on a large scale. 

It helps them attract buyers while keeping the cost low. Strengthen 

your sales with these unique boxes.

Types of Cardboard Boxes

There are different types of these boxes. It varies on what use they are used for. 

Some very famous ones are:

1 – Mailer boxes

Companies use these boxes to deliver the products to the customers. 

Therefore, these boxes should be strong and durable to protect the product during shipping. Cardboard is the perfect material for these boxes. 

It covers the products for a longer time and makes sure that customers receive their order in the best quality. It motivates them to buy again from the company.

Companies also use these boxes to send promotional products to famous people.

These boxes need to be customizable. Again, the choice of cardboard is perfect. 

Companies can alter it in many ways to make the box attractive.

2 – Gift boxes

People use elite custom boxes to impress their loved ones with beautiful gifts. Asthe name shows, these boxes are the best in terms of resilience and beauty. 

Companies use the latest techniques to make boxes that are visually very 

attractive. It makes the gift more valuable and long-lasting. It makes the 

recipient happy.

3 – Retail boxes

Retailers need wholesale boxes to display their items at the shop. These boxes are cheaper and also durable. 

This is all they need. These boxes are also customizable. It allows them to attract more buyers to their shop and enhance sales.


1 – Eco-friendly

Many companies are using this slogan to attract buyers. Individuals are now more skilled and concerned than ever. They know that the environment is in danger. 

Therefore, they are trying to use items that are packed in eco-friendly boxes. 

Custom cardboard boxes are one of them. These are not harmful, and people can quickly dispose of them after taking out the product.

2 – Recyclable

This has benefitted the companies a lot. It means that they can take older boxes and make new ones from them. They do not have to purchase new packages or make new boxes. It also reduces the packaging cost a lot. It helps them sell their goods at a lower price.

3 – Protective

All companies want to provide maximum protection to the product. Therefore, they use these boxes. Cardboard is a thick and durable material. 

It makes sure that the product packed inside does not get damaged. Even if a mishap occurs, the box absorbs all the damage. 

This keeps the product packed inside, safe and sound. It makes sure that the product reaches the customers in its best form. It increases their trust in the company. They become regular customers and suggest other people buy too. It can benefit the company a lot.

Customizable of Boxes

It is easier for companies to customize these boxes. This also makes custom cardboard boxes very important for them. They can alter the tubes in many ways. It not only provides greater protection to the product but also attracts more buyers and makes the product popular. Companies can experiment with the

 1 – Size

The size of the box is significant. Appropriate size protects the product. A 

smaller box puts extra pressure on the product. However, it might damage it. 

Whereas a larger box does not give a philosophical outlook. It repels the customers. 

Small cardboard boxes are appropriate for packing gift items such as watches and necklaces.

2 – Color

Companies can use different colors to attract buyers. These also depend upon the product. 

However, if the product’s target audience is a younger 

generation, then companies use cool and vibrant colors. 

It matches the personality of the buyers, and they prefer to buy the product. 

Whereas, if older people are more likely to purchase the product, then companies use sober colors. 

Therefore, it allows them to attract every type of buyer.

3 – Printing

Companies can easily print on these custom cardboard boxes as well. 

If these are mailer boxes, then companies can print appropriate precautions on the box. 

Or they might write fragile id the product needs to be handled with care. 

However, you can also add stunning designs to these boxes. Make an intriguing packaging box.

Whereas for gift boxes, people usually like to print their wishes and regards for their loved ones. 

Companies can use different fonts and font shades to make the printing more charming. Thus, they can also use different styles. You can also intrigue your buyers with unique boxes.

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