Unleash the Hidden Secrets of Bone Profile Blood Tests

Bone profile blood test meaning is to analyse the minerals, enzymes, proteins present in bones for better understanding of the development and overall health of the skeleton system. Through this test, doctors figure out the overall condition of bones and how much you are prone to bone cancers and diseases.    



Bone health and blood tests

Blood is magical component present in our body. It is responsible to carry electrolytes, energy, vitamins and oxygen in the body whenever it gets contacted with the bodily tissues and organs. So, it is most valuable to the healthcare professionals and doctors. Only a small amount of blood can say a lot of things going into your body. 

So, determining bone health with the help of blood test is nothing special. You need to keep an eye on the skeleton system to maintain its proper health. Blood test is the ideal one to check so. Want to know what is bone profile blood test in much elaborative manner? Then, see in the next section.

What is meant by bone profile blood test?

Bone profile blood test analyses and measures minerals, proteins and enzymes essential for bone health. This test is vital to monitor your bone health by ensuring its proper repairing and developing property. Healthy skeleton system is integral part for overall wellbeing, correct posture and movement. 

Along aging, they weaken naturally enabling the aged persons to take the test. Apart from overall physical health, bone profile is important for monitor and analysis of certain conditions like; 

  • Osteoporosis- Due to this condition, bones become brittle and fragile possessing a tendency to fracture. Also bone density lowers with aging! But sometimes eating habits, hormonal issues and excessive alcohol consumption can affect bone health too.
  • Paget’s disease of bone- It is a condition in which bone gets affected and stop renewing or turnover. So there is no replacement of bone tissues on its own. Suspicion of this condition may require Vitamin D test as well. 
  • Bone cancer- A rare cancer form characterised by swelling, lumps and bone pain. Remember, in this case bone becomes fragile and tends to break quite easily. 
  • Liver disease and thyroid problems- Bone profile is excellent for diagnosing parathyroid and thyroid problems which have a fundamental role to maintain the balance within phosphorous and calcium level. Sometimes liver problem gets detected too especially if excessive secretion of proteins and enzymes takes place.   

What is the importance of bone profile test? What is the representation of normal reports?

Bone profile blood test monitors a wide array of certain bone conditions including the associated conditions which can affect bone health badly. When you are about to undergo the test you might be interested to hear those precise minerals that tested by bone profile.

4 key minerals are there measured by blood profile blood test. The reference ranges are given here for clear picture. 

  • Calcium- Bone profile is helpful for regulating calcium level in blood. It is the most essential nutrient aiding bone health. As per NHS, it should range between 2.2 and 2.6 mmol/L.
  • Albumin- Liver secretes this protein and low level is the clear indication of low bone density. It even helps in tracing out osteoporosis. According to NHS, it should range from 35-50 g/L.
  • Alkaline Phosphate (ALP)- Liver and bone cells are comprised of this enzyme for detection of liver diseases and bone disorders. It should remain between 30-130 u/L in healthy adult individual.  
  • Phosphate- It contains phosphorous the mineral promoting bone health and development. The range should be 0.74-1.4 mmol/L. 

Bone profile tests for globulin, total protein and urea as well. 

What you should know about this test?

Already known that blood test is carried out after phlebotomists or any healthcare professionals collect blood sample from the blood. Then it is stored in vial to send off to the laboratory for analysis. 

On an average within 4-72 hours the result is on your way. What you should know that it doesn’t require fasting of the patients to carry out the test. In fact, if required, the surgery is possible without any sort of dietary and lifestyle changes. 

However if you have any additional calcium supplement in your diet without doctor’s instruction then it is better to cut it off for the time being. Also, during consultation don’t hesitate to share the supplements you are taking whether it is minerals, vitamins, calcium or vitamin D as they have the potentiality to affect the report. 


How a bone profile blood test is conducted?

Alike other blood tests, blood sample will be drawn using a needle to analyse the bone profile blood tests in the lab. But fasting is not required in this case at all. 

Why would you have a bone profile blood test?

Blood is highly important for our skeleton system as it balances our body to stay upright. It plays a crucial role in the transportation of oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to every cell of the body. Hence, optimum health of the skeleton system is essential to maintain throughout which is exactly done with the help of this test. Only bone profile blood tests can detect the probability of bone cancer or disease in an individual.    

Which conditions are detectable for bone profile blood tests?

Bone profile blood tests figure out several skeleton and bone-related conditions and problems like osteoporosis, bone cancer, Paget’s disease of bone and issues with liver and thyroid. 

When should you perform bone profile blood tests?

You have to undergo the test only if the doctor suggests so. It helps in detection of any suspected disease or condition. But sometimes it is included in comprehensive general physical check up as well. 

Wrapping up 

Hope, you have understood everything about bone profile blood tests in explicit manner. This test assists in figuring out hormonal imbalances, liver problems and other bone disorders. 

By obtaining a clear picture of the level of proteins and minerals in blood especially alkaline phosphate, albumin, phosphates and calcium the private doctor can easily draw a verdict on bone health status. Whenever, you suspect anything wrong with the bone; don’t delay and go for the test right away. 

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