What are the Best Storage Racks for Warehouses?

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An efficacious racking system in the warehouse is a fundamental requirement of any business that manufactures, distributes, imports, or exports goods. You need to pick the correct type of storage racks depending on the space in your facility, particular storage needs, and the kind of material you would store. 

A warehouse with a proper storage system ensures optimum storage capacity and efficient handling of the material. With the ease in loading and retrieval of goods, the process is optimized, saving time and space while keeping everything incredibly organized.

There are many storage racks for warehouses, each tackling a specific problem. For instance, some might be well suited for heavier loads, while some will address the issue of storing more items in less space. This blog will help you choose a warehouse racking system that would fit your particular needs. 

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Here are the best types of storage racks that you can choose for your warehouse.

1. Pallet Flow Racks 

Pallet flow racks are incredibly efficient, giving you a FIFO (First In, First Out) system in your warehouse. The system consists of a gravity rack system, including rails, wheels tracks, or rollers on a sloping rack starting from the load end and angled down slightly towards the unloading end. This allows the warehouse workers to load the material on the front end, from where it would roll down to the other end. This way, unloading can be done from the other end to ensure the material that was first stacked is unloaded. 

Speed controllers on the rail ensure that the material safely rolls to the other side and comes to rest when the ramp ends. Businesses that need the FIFO method for their products have pallet flow racks installed in their warehouses.

2. Selective Pallet Racking  

Selective pallet racks are commonly found in warehouses, and their versatility is the prime reason for this. It allows the stacking of pallets horizontally with multiple levels. The selective pallet racks can be customized to cater to the needs of your specific business. Considering your warehouse’s floor space, height, storage density, handling system, and budget, you can get selective storage racks for the perfect storage solution. 

The selective pallet racks are cost-effective as well. Choosing these cost-effective racks gives you an optimum storage system, resulting in high throughput rates.

3. Cantilever Rack System 

Cantilever racks are one of the best industrial steel storage racks with upright frames with beams, also known as cantilever brackets, attached to them on which the material is loaded. These racks are perfect for businesses that handle long items with high density, such as long heavy pipes, that cannot be stored on pallet racks. Objects of any shape and size, like furniture, can be stacked on multiple beams of the cantilever racks. 

The cantilever racking can be tailored to any length, giving maximum storage capacity on open linear storage. It allows you to take optimum advantage of your warehouse height. 

4. Bolt Free Shelving

A highly favoured storage system by leading brands worldwide, bolt-free warehouse racks are easy to install and maintain. These low-cost racks are recommended for medium and light loads that require uncomplicated storage. They come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the one that works best for your warehouse needs. 

The extended storage capacity and hassle-free load management will result in a high output which would be an added plus in peak seasons. A wide range of products that are light in weight can be stacked onto these bolt-free racks. 

5. Drive-in Pallet Rack System 

If your warehouse stores ample items that are not sensitive to time, a drive-in pallet racking is the perfect storage solution for you. The idea relies on the First In Last Out system as opposed to the First In First Out system, as the pallet flow racks offer. Operators use the same entry point for loading and unloading the items on the shelf. 

The storage depth is not limited in these racks, so the storage capacity is enormous. The forklifts can drive through the racks, making loading and retrieval easier. 

6. Push Back System 

Storage capacity can be maximized by using push-back racks in your warehouse. It is a system where inclined rails and nesting carts are installed to push the loaded material to the back when the next one is loaded. Upon unloading, the material at the back rolls onto the front, reducing the work of the forklift. 

Manufacturers, food brands, automotive companies, pharmaceuticals, and third-party logistics usually have these storage racks installed to optimize warehouse space management.

7. Deep Lane Storage 

Deep lane storage racking is a semi-automated system that maximizes floor space, scaling your business productivity. With these storage racks, tracking the type of products and their storage place becomes more accessible. Also, you can store more items in a smaller area with the deep lane racks. 

An electric-powered trolley runs between the rails to carry the pallet onto the next open slot. It is known as the pallet shuttle. In this way, the forklift only needs to load and unload the item from one or two ends, depending on whether your business requires a First In First Out rule or the First In Last Out method. 

8. Adaptable Overhead Racking 

Some warehouses are simultaneously used as parking spaces for vehicles and storing goods. If that is the case with your warehouse, install overhead racks or ceiling racks that hang down from the ceiling with the help of beams. 

For this racking system, appropriate warehouse safety measures and check and balance are crucial to ensure the load is securely stored and won’t fall off. Assessing how much weight the racks can hold is a prime factor to consider, as negligence can cause significant damage to the shelves, the goods, and anything underneath them. 

Summing Up

The best practice to keep your warehouse up and running is to install proper racking. Using any of the storage mentioned above racks, you can create a systematic supply chain process for your warehouse. A practical storage system is a key to boosting productivity and saving a lot of money. Analyze the particular needs of your warehouse and choose a premium quality racking system to ensure appropriate management of your business demand and supply. 


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