Why is the Internet the greatest discovery of modern times?

Not long ago, there was a time when you had to spend a significant amount of money to talk to a family member or a friend residing in another part of the world, and that was in the form of voice communication. The quality of the voice was also just fine, and the device had no mobility. But with time and the invention of a powerful technology called the World Wide Web, anyone can talk to any other individual face-to-face with a high-quality video chat regardless of the location of either of the people involved in the chat.

Not only that, digital technology has even made it possible to do real-time video conferencing or meetings that involve more than one person with the advent of platforms like Zoom.

And this has happened within a relatively short period. It did not take decades, nor did it require huge investments, at least for the people using it. You have to have an internet connection, a cheap smartphone, and download the free app to take advantage of the internet-based video communication service.


This advancement in technology has impacted personal lives and has also changed the way people positively do business. Nowadays, anyone can start their own online business with the help of a website or even without having their website and selling the products or services they have.

New professions like website design have evolved where professionals take double-sided advantage by utilizing the Internet to download resources needed to develop a website, like free icons, and market their services on freelancing platforms like Fiverr to sell their skills.

This post is all about what makes this newest technology, called the Internet, one of the most important and valuable innovations of the time we live in.


What was wrong with the old ways? (Was it that old?)

We had talked about the older times when you had to dial a fixed-line phone to talk to your beloved ones and pay a hefty amount to avail of this service, which was also not readily available despite the high cost. Now I say you were lucky! How? Think of the time before that. Yes, there was not even a landline telephone, and most probably your parents (we assume you are not that senior) had to wait for the letter to arrive to even get the most straightforward news from their relatives, and it took days, if not weeks.

The longer duration was problematic, mainly in situations where there was an important or urgent notice, such as health status or the death of a relative. You might have heard of instances where the ill person was dead when the letter reached the concerned person.

To make matters worse, this method of communication was not exceptionally dependable, as there was always the risk of the letter being misplaced, the paper being torn, or the letter being damaged by rainwater or the like. Also, there was always a chance of compromising privacy if the letter was not sealed properly or given to the wrong person.


The advantages of the Internet and its impact

The most notable benefit of the web is that it has made everything more accessible, more affordable, and less time-consuming than previous technologies. For example, except for essential ones, most organizations were closed in the COVID-19 pandemic due to lockdown. Educational institutions such as schools were one of the worst-hit entities at the time. IT played a significant role in providing knowledge to the students with the help of remote learning.

Unavoidable events such as the Corona pandemic were only a catalyst for the growth of web-based services. The adoption of internet technology in several areas like medical, shopping, social interaction, media, advertising and more has had a significant influence like never before and faster. This is evident because internet-based platforms including Google, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, Craigslist, and Huffpost gained popularity and amassed a user base of millions, if not billions, within a few years.


The future of the Internet

Combined with the power of advanced technologies like 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), etc., the Internet is going to be an even more sought-after tool to watch movies for free, automate homes, do financial transactions more securely and learn more effectively, among others.

Furthermore, less than half of the world’s population lacks internet access, which could be a more significant factor in the growth of web-based services as they enter the online world. Adoption of this technology by corporations in various sectors around the world will also give a significant boost to the economy in the days to come.



Considering all these factors and considering the growth rate of the user base and technological advancement, we can safely conclude that this excellent way of getting information in the new age called the Internet will explode in popularity more than ever before. While there are always wrong sides along with good for anything existent in the world, and the Internet is no different, the good news is that it can do more good than harm to society.

Lastly, the stakeholders of the digital community, such as governments and websites, are enforcing measures to check the web pollution spread by evil players in the game called the digital economy by developing cyber laws, policies, algorithms, and anti-malware. Actions like these are geared towards making the Internet a safer place for children and everyone wanting to benefit from this beautiful tool.


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