Why Manufacturers Prefer Cardboard Custom Packaging Boxes for Shipping

Many products are transported from one place to another. Moving the fragile product can be risky as it can be damaged during transport, loading, or unloading. 

Due to these shipping and exchange risks, different brands use custom vape cartridge boxes

These boxes are essential to keep them safe. Let’s see how they can ensure their safety.

Use of Durable and Thicker Packaging Materials

Product protection is essential to the brand and its customers. 

One way to keep your products safe is to use cardboard vape cartridge packaging boxes. Different brands use special shipping boxes based on the nature of the product. 

These boxes can protect the items inside because they are made of durable materials. These materials can be cardboard, Kraft paper, and a boxboard. 

These materials are available in customer-specific thicknesses from 10pt to 28pt. The thicker the material, the more durable it will be. Therefore, you need to make transport packaging from thicker materials. 

These materials are resistant to various types of damage. Deviations and sensations do not bother them. 

They can help withstand various risks during loading and unloading. 

So if you need to fully protect your sensitive products, you can use cardboard vape cartridge packaging boxes made of a thicker material.

Use of Waterproof Lamination

Water is one of the most significant risks that can damage cardboard vape cartridge packaging boxes. There are many ways that cardboard can be exposed to water or moisture during transit. The boxes can hold water. These boxes may swell after swallowing water. Never forget to make your product box watertight. Your custom packaging box should come with an additional waterproof laminate. This laminate prevents the absorption of water or moisture. If you need to protect your product from water or moisture, this is the box you should choose. This laminate helps keep the influence of water away from the packaging and the items it contains. They help you deliver products to your customers safely. This is great for your business.

Use of Custom Inserts and Placeholders

Some delicate vape cartridges require extreme care to handle. 

These items can be delicate glassware, wine bottles, or other items. We know that free traffic from these websites can lead to severe results. 

They can collide with each other and break apart. In this scenario, you will receive cardboard child-resistant vape cartridge boxes with a custom insert or replacement. You need to make sure that the shape and size of this insert match the size and shape of your product. 

This insert can hold your delicate items in place. 

You will not allow them to move freely and will reduce the risk of damage. 

They prevent them from bumping into each other. Therefore, they can ensure their safety by limiting their mobility during transportation.

Use Bubble Wraps or Polystyrene Padding

Different companies have come up with different ways to keep their products safe while in transit. 

You may find that there are many risks involved during transportation. They can damage the product and damage the brand. Bubble wrap can help secure the packaging of a wide variety of sensitive items. 

They are most famous for packaging vape cartridges and other fragile items. Wholesale vape cartridge packaging boxes can also be equipped with Styrofoam pads. 

This is the best way to withstand bumps in transit. They can help ensure the safe delivery of goods from one location to another. 

You should not forget to use this extra security feature when shipping goods. They can add to the growing popularity of your brand.

Airtight and Secured Lids

Some products are susceptible to damage from a variety of things in the air. 

Air contains many pollutants such as microbes, gases, and dust. Not suitable for some products. Microbial effects can spoil some edible products. 

They can be oxidized by direct contact with air. To protect your product from the effects of this harmful air, use a box with an airtight lid. This cover offers several advantages. You can keep the effect of air or oxygen away. 

They also help prevent dust and germs from getting inside the box. 

You can also prevent the product inside from coming out of the box. 

Therefore, they can play a role in the safe delivery of your products to end-users.

We’ve explained the various ways that custom vape cartridge packaging boxes can store products safely. 

You should use this box when thorough product maintenance is required. 

These boxes can guarantee safety against damage during transportation, loading, and unloading. 

It can help you make your business profitable by growing your customer base. They deserve customer satisfaction by providing safe products.


Packaging labels can be used for branding and promotion purposes. You can tell them apart in terms of color schemes, shapes, and other aesthetics. 

This can make your brand more recognizable to existing customers. You can also use stickers to enhance the look of a regular vape cartridge box and draw attention to your company name and logo. 

For this purpose, labels for laser printers can be easily adapted to any design. 

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