Why Should You Look For The Best Cloud Hosting In The Market?

The right hosting solution and hosting provider can play an essential role in the success of your business. If you look for a hosting provider online you will come across plenty of options from the cheapest to the most expensive one. Cloud Hosting India can play a major role in the decision-making process, but we would suggest that you do not settle for something simply based on its price.

In this article we will discuss cloud hosting providers that offer their services free of cost or at a very cheap price.

Reasons to Avoid Cheap Cloud Hosting

Poor Page Load Speed

Cloud is famous for its high speed which makes it the most suitable choice for your website. However, in cheap cloud hosting the websites are often hosted on a shared platform which will eventually affect the speed of your website.

Negative Impact On SEO Rankings

Speed also affects the ranking of your website on search engines. Google’s search engine optimization determines the ranking of a particular website on the basis of various factors. One of these factors is the speed of the website. If your website takes time to load then that can have a huge impact on the ranking of your website as well. This is the reason why you should avoid cheap cloud hosting service providers.

Uptime/Downtime issues

Cheap cloud hosting can also cause longer downtime for your website. If there are issues related to the server then that can affect the uptime of your website. In a situation where your website is receiving a huge amount of traffic your host’s server might not be able to keep up with the surge in traffic.

Security Concerns

Cheap cloud hosting might compromise the security of your website. Any breach in security can increase the chances of data theft, hacking and viruses. If your cloud host does not have a firewall in place then there is no point in availing their services for your website.

Customer Support

Cheap cloud hosting providers do not offer the necessary support required to manage your cloud environment. If you are not an expert then you would definitely require some support from your hosting service provider. Absence of proper support can also cause a wide array of problems with your website.

Here Are Some Features That Your Cloud Host Can Provide For The Right Price

Protect Your Business With Cloud Hosting Security

If you are planning to move to cloud hosting then you need to perform a thorough research of the market before you finally choose one for your company. The right kind of host will deliver tailored solutions that are precisely made for you, and it can help your business to grow and reach its fullest potential.

Data Protection

Data protection is the number one priority for any business. Data theft is at an all-time high and there seems to be no end to it in the coming days. So we would advise you to take the necessary measures in advance to ensure the protection of your company data. Cloud hosting is exactly what you need to ensure the security of your company information from any unauthorized access from a third party.

Flexible Scaling

Cloud hosting allows the users to scale up the resources to meet the increase in demand. At peak times when a website is experiencing a surge in traffic the chances of a crash increases. However, in cloud hosting you can simply scale up your resources to make sure that there are no delays or disturbances.


Users can also change the level of security for their cloud environment. In case of an evident threat you can increase the level of security as per your requirement. The hosting service provider will also give you access to various other security tools that provide enhanced security for your information on the cloud.


In cloud hosting your company data is stored on the cloud which can be accessed over the internet.

This way businesses no longer have to invest in hard drives to store their data. Cloud hosting also ensures the security of your vital company information since it is stored across multiple servers on a network.

If you don’t want to risk the security of your website and your vital company information then we would suggest that you do not settle for a cheap cloud hosting provider. As mentioned earlier, cheap cloud hosting can lead to several issues such as data theft, downtime and poor ranking on search engines. 

We would recommend that you compare cloud hosting prices and select the one that meets all your requirements.

Initially it might seem a bit expensive but after a short period of time you will start reaping the benefits of your hosting services. Your host will make sure that your website never goes down and in case of a natural disaster your host will use data restoration to make sure that your website stays up all the time.

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